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Fastening Details

Conventional fasterners used for solid woods can be used for wood-plastic composites. Galvanized or anodized deck screws are reported to perform well. Galvanized nails are also commonly used to install decks. However, there are alternate fastening systems available and suggested by specific companies that are concealed between boards. These new fastening systems usually cost more and make it more difficult to replace individual boards if needed; however, use of these hidden fasteners could result in neater looking decks. Points to remember when installing WPC deck:

  • Always use corrosion resistant fasteners
  • Use high quality screws that are self drilling and countersinking
  • Proper installation of WPC products is critical to reap their benefits and avoid problems over time. Ensure proper spacing between sides and ends of boards during installation to allow for thermal expansion and facilitate proper draining.
    • at least 1/8-inch gap is recommended for the ends
    • at least 3/16-inch gap is recommended for the sides

The following sites offer more information on fasteners for WPCs

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